• Fitzy & Whippa

    KOOL FM  4 pm - 6pm & 10pm - midnight, weekdays
  • American Country Countdown

    KIK FM & 4AY Wednesday 8 pm - midnight
    Well known US Country singer and presenter Kix Brooks counts down all the big ones together with all the music news and personality profiles on the biggest country stars.


  • Saturday Night Live

    4KZ & 4AM Saturdays 6 pm - 11pm
    Pete Graham 2UE's famous Saturday night presenter features all the big party tunes of the 60's to the 80's plus North Queensland identity Rob the Poet.  Our listeners are regularly heard calling Pete for requests and competitions by dialling 13 13 32.
  • Radio Classifieds

    4AM Saturdays 7 - 9am
    Based on the 4KZ Trading Post Show, every Saturday morning 4AM opens up the lines to callers from Cairns, the Tablelands and Port Douglas.  Listeners are invited to sell or buy everything from motor mowers to exercise equipment.
  • Trading Post

    4KZ Saturdays 1pm - 4pm
    Since 1986 Trading Post has been a big part of North Queenslanders' weekend radio diet.  Listeners from all over the north call Al Kirton and other KZ presenters to sell, swap and buy domestic goods up to the value of $10,000.  Listener's calls are interspersed by today's easy listening hits plus classic hits of yesteryear.
  • The Hamish and Andy Show

    The Hamish and Andy Show

    KOOL FM - 3pm - 5pm and 10pm - midnight, weekdays

    With more laughs then ever before, don't forget to tune in every day for the action.