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    The NQ Radio Team are equipped to provide outstanding, creative solutions for advertising and promoting your business.


    Call us today: ph 4061 6677 - Innisfail or 4092 4558 - Mareeba.

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    Sponsor a Programme on 4KZ & KOOL


    This is your opportunity to sponsor a major programming segment loved by our huge audience, to bring your business products and services to the attention of the local community.


    4KZ: Covering Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully, Cardwell, Ingham, Cairns, Townsville and the Gulf.

    For 4KZ you can sponsor:-




    4KZ broadcasts NATIONAL NEWS from 6.00am until 6.00pm, hourly (plus half hourly in breakfast), 7 days a week with a total of 80 bulletins available for weekly sponsorship. “Naming rights” are available in multiples of 5 sponsorships per week.




    This legendary programme has been heard every Sunday morning on 4KZ for over two decades. SUNDAY GOLD would be one of the finest nostalgia shows on Australian Radio today featuring the music and 4KZ has some exclusive 15 minute blocks available for sponsorship at a quarter past the hour at 6.15am, 7.15am, 8.15am, 9.15am, 10.15am and 11.15am.




    Our much loved 7 minute radio drama series from the 60s and 70s such as 'Cattleman' and 'The Castlereagh Line' are looked forward to by many listeners. With a unique Australian flavour they are now available to a whole new generation of listeners including those who remember “sitting around the wireless” and listening to their favourite radio serials.




    Pete Graham will take our listeners on a journey spanning four decades, reliving musical history every Saturday night. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE from 6pm to 11pm is 5 hours of “wall to wall” entertainment on 4KZ & 4AM.




    4.00pm – 6.00pm.....Late on Sunday afternoons people are lazing around relaxing or driving back from visiting friends or participating in their favourite sport……….it’s back to work tomorrow but they still have the night ahead of them. Know the best way to reach these potential customers on Sunday afternoon? “DO IT ON THE RADIO” as a sponsor of 4KZ’s SUNDAY SESSION - 

  • Business of the Week



    Two fantastic packages are available for your business to achieve high profile with your target audience at an outstanding value investment.


    Be the Business of the Week on all stations:-


    The "BUSINESS OF THE WEEK" promotional concept offers a single advertiser the opportunity of exclusive name rights for a whole seven (7) days as the "BUSINESS OF THE WEEK" commencing on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.


    Sign up for our "BUSINESS OF THE WEEK" now - the promotion is RIGHT - the PRICE is definitely RIGHT.......


      • A super low cost/high frequency promotion.
      • Prime time placement 6.00am - 6.00pm.
      • Off Peak placement 6.00pm - 6.00am.
      • Ownership of the stations for a whole seven (7) days.

    There is a heavy schedule of Prime Time and Off Peak "Call to Action" spots plus "Naming Right" credits* scheduled 6.00am - 6.00pm Sunday to Saturday.  That's 115 spots and credits over 7 days .....a total package of 230 spots/credits.

    * Our "Business of the Week" is the new Hometown Store with a big range of homewares - electrical appliances - furniture and the best deals in town.


    TELEPHONE: 4061 6677 - INNISFAIL OR 4092 4558 - MAREEBA



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  • Our Audience


    Our team create for you a powerful advertising package targeting your audience across our regional network.

    Combining the influence of our five popular stations, which between them offer outstanding coverage of Tropical North Queensland, your message will be heard and have a very noticeable impact, and you will be delighted with the value-for-money results of advertising with us. 


    Radio 4KZ covers the lush tropical coast of North Queensland from Townsville in the south to Cairns in the north and Karumba to Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

    Our crisp, clear signal is a result of the latest state of the art on-air audio processing, low frequency (531 khz) and 10,000 watts from our new transmitter.

    Over 140,000 people live in our coverage area with 55,000 of them in our primary service area.   


    Radio 4AM ....


    There are now 36,600,000 working radios in Australia.

    The average home has 5.1 radios in it.*

    56% of homes have over 5 radios.*

    98% of all cars have a radio.*

    19.8% of people listen at work for over 20 hours weekly.*

    The average person over 10 years of age listens to radio almost 22 weeks a year.*

    Of people over 18 who don't read newspapers, radio reaches 95% of them.*

    Radio reaches 98% of people who are light to medium TV viewers.*

    4KZ & KOOL-FM are North Queensland's only locally owned and operated commercial radio stations.

    Radio 4KZ is the only commercial station heard on North Queensland's east and west coast.

    * SOURCE -ACNielsen 1998-2000 Cumulative Audience. All people 10+

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